About Fujikura

The first Fujikura Rubber, LTD built over 100 years ago. Tokyo, Japan

About Fujikura

With more than a half century of history in the manufacturing of offset printing blankets, and striving to create the best and most ecological product for mankind, Fujikura Rubber, Ltd. continues to develop and produce unique products worldwide by utilizing the composite technology based on original rubberized fabric production techniques, consistent with our rigorous R&D standards.

Fujikura Graphics is a subsidiary of Fujikura Rubber, Ltd., serving the US market for over ten years. We import all of our products from Japan, offering a wide range of offset printing blankets to fit our customer's needs. In 1999, Fujikura Rubber, Ltd. retooled and enhanced the quality management system approved by ISO9001, which allows us to assure not only quality, but also reliance and security.

We are constantly striving to develop the best designs for our products. We value the close relationships we have with our customers, and their needs are what inspire our never-ending search for the best product components. We are also a world leader in ecologically friendly development and environmental protection, offering products that not only fit our customer’s requirements, but also contribute to society.

With our commitment to quality, excellent customer service, and expanding global sales strategies, Fujikura continues to grow and gain customers worldwide.

Our History

  • 1896 — Mr. Zenhachi Fujikura, founder, sent his relatives to the US to learn the production of mackintosh rubberized fabric
  • 1901 — Fujikura Electric Wire & Rubber Co., Ltd (formerly Fujikura Rubber, Ltd.) established and begins producing mackintosh rubberized fabric at Japan’s first mackintosh factory
  • 1949 — Listed on Tokyo stock market
  • 1957 — Began production of offset printing blankets in Japan
  • 1970s — Began to export the product overseas
  • 1974 — Concluded a tech. assist. contract with Rollin S.A. of France
  • 1999 — Printing Materials Division receives ISO 9001 certification
  • 2003 — Fujikura Rubber received ISO 14001 certification
  • 2004 — Fujikura Rubber started the business operation domestically in the US for the Americas market
  • 2009 — Fujikura Graphics, Inc., a subsidiary of Fujikura Rubber, was established in Schaumburg, Illinois
  • 2010 — FIT (Fujikura Interlink Technology) series was launched
  • 2011 — Fujikura Graphics, Inc. acquired PIC Graphic Product, Ltd. in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • 2018 — Fujikura Graphics, Inc. unveils its newly branded website