VARNIBLUE 115-135 is a coating plate in light blue color that has been designed to provide printers with an excellent reusable product suitable for Water Based and UV coatings.

VARNIBLUE 115-135 is made by a rubber top coating surface, a second elastomeric layer and a polyester carrier sheet and to obtain the best results is used with VARNICOMP SR compressible underblanket.

The top coating surface provides many of the benefi ts of a photopolymer coating plate but is much more robust in terms of handling and storage. The two upper layers have a strong chemicals and mechanical resistance and an easy cut and peel.

The polyester carrier sheet provides a very high level of dimensional stability which helps to achieve close register even after several repeat applications whilst the specialized underblanket provides a uniform level of compressibility to help provide a consistent fi lm of coating.

VARNIBLUE 115 - 135 is available in 2 thicknesses 1.15 & 1.35 mm. Plate relief is respectively 0.80 & 1.00 mm.

Combination of VARNIBLUE plate and underblanket suits each individual press manufacturers cylinder undercut. The VARNICOMP SR adhesive compressible layer is fi xed on the plate cylinder for several months (6-12 months).

VARNIBLUE 115-135 are specific designed for Water Based coatings, can either be hand cut or CAD cut and can easily be fi tted with standard mounting bars, making this a highly versatile system. The compressible underblanket is supplied with either a non-adhesive or self-adhesive backing to give the option of being it permanently mounted.

THICKNESS 1.15 MM, 1.35 MM